Sunday, November 22, 2009


I read a good deal,
am a cyclist.

I liked "Seabiscuit" (the horse) (Copyright 2001) immensely. I enjoyed the early Ursula LeGuin.
Isaac Bashevis Singer :) :)

I like John Grisham

Nature (pictures)

More later. I'm enjoying doing this :)



  1. After one and a half years in engineering I realized I was bored with that pursuit.

    Since then I have been occupied with social issus and art.

    I was a writer for a number of years until health problems became an obstacle.

    Was in NYC during one summer and Los Angeles three years. I've returned to Indiana for a better (in my case) job environment. I wish I had some of the resources of a city which is a great population center and cultural place; however the pace there would be hard on me.

    I enjoy being in small city having a university.


  2. Sortie #3:
    I've an analytic mind and am sensitive. --Am in some senses conservative and cautious. Am imaginative often.... I try to be a patient individual. Those good souls who brought me up, now departed, taught me compassion.

    I was a social worker who missed his mark. Um, I think. So I'm possibly not always rational or shrewd when I witness suffering.

    On a profile elsewhere I have {perpetuity} am not sure of that wording. Due to my carefulness.

    Have had, admittedly, hard times. Mutual aid is what appeals most. Help which is TWO-way.

    "Souls" (above) was somehow with the forums in mind.

    Originally was a red head.

    From Purdue

    My home was (is?:) a small community @ approx center of the north one-half of Indiana.

    I began school in engineering and finished in the arts and sciences. My politics are left of center, though not on all issues.

    R & R music in high school. And the beginning of symphonic music. The beginnings of a jazz buff I was, in college. But then, with a relocation, R & R again! 13th Floor Elevator, Clapton (early), Byrds.

    But always composers like Hovannes,.. Telemann. Recently Satie I've discovered.

    Johnny Cash is a mensch !

    J.D. Salinger is a favourite of mine, and Chaim Potok. Faulkner is fulfilling, always!, but sometimes overwhelming.

    Back to philosophical writings: The Levinas mentioned above, taking off from Martin Buber, bases everything in something like (psychological) the way the subject separates from the other. For a respecting alterity. Soon after "the beginning.* Egolessness he tells us about. Yet principles.